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Bleeding Heart 
Super Mario

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Scientific name: Correlophus ciliatus

Sex: Unknown

Previous owner: Geeks & Geckos


Bleeding Heart

Breeder: Geeks & Geckos


Parents Bleeding heart: Pomelo x Burgundy.

Burgundy is bred by Northen Geckos Canada, no lineage available.

Pomelo is bred by G. Cardoen Belgium, parent pictures available.


Super Mario

Breeder: Rockstar Geckos


Super Mario's family tree contains lineage of Rockstar Geckos, Underground Geckos of Texas, Tara Leigh's Cresties, Bad Obsession Reptiles and Sadler Reptiles.


Super Mario's parents: were owned by Rockstar Geckos. His mother was previously called Bindi but is now called Velvet Underground. Bindi (or Velvet Underground) was produced by Underground Geckos of Texas out of Maple Syrup and Red Velvet.


Red Velvet's parents: Underground Geckos of Texas's male Red Velvet was produced by them out of Dallas and Dreamsicle.


Maple Syrup's parents: Was also produced by Underground Geckos of Texas out of Tanner and Regret. However, the breeder doesn't have any pics left of their previously owned Regret. We do know she was a red porthole like her daughter who is presented on the background in this picture.

Diablo's parents: Was bred by Tara Leigh's Cresties. He was the result of the famous pair Ruddy Duck and Wallflower.

Wallflower's parents: Is a kid of Shuttle and Chowder, produced by Sadler Reptiles. This breeder doesn't exist anymore and Shuttle passed away. Chowder is now owned by Scaredy Cat Geckos.

Ruddy Duck's parents: Ruddy Duck's parents are Rex and Perdita. They were paired by Bad Obsession Reptiles.

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