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Scientific name: Correlophus ciliatus

Sex: Unknown

Previous owner: Geeks & Geckos



Breeder: Max Rhaco


Poppy's family tree includes lineage from Max Rhaco, Zora's gecko house and Gorgeous Geckos. Poppy and her brother Pompeï were originally bred by Max Rhaco. They both are real copies of their dad Zora's, who was bred by Zora's Gecko House out of Sprenkel x Cherry pie. Her mom Tex 1 is a regular red dalmatian bred by Gorgeous geckos (Diabi x Texane).


Poppy's parents: Tex 1 x Zora's were paired by Max Rhaco.

Zora's parents: Sprenkel x Cherry Pie, were owned by Zora's Gecko House.

Sprenkel's parents: didn't have names. The dam was a yellow dalmatian, the sire a red superdalmatian. Both were owned by Zora's Gecko House.

Tex 1's parents: Diabi x Texane. Owned by Gorgeous Geckos.




Breeder: Tarah Leigh’s Cresties


Geeks & Geckos got Winterberry from RoyalTea Cresties where he was called Jupiter. He wasn't a proven breeder yet so Geeks & Geckos renamed him.


Winterberry's family tree contains lineage of Tara Leigh's Cresties, Bad Obsession Reptiles, The Minagerie, Sadler Reptiles, AC Reptiles, Repashy and Harley Gecko.


Winterberry's parents: was originally bred by Tara Leigh's Cresties out of Mariachi and Pelznickel. Both parents were also bred by Tara.

Mariachi's parents: is the result of a pairing between Pansy x Heartbreaker. Pansy herself was bred by AC Reptiles. Heartbreaker was bred by The Minagerie.


Heartbreaker's parents: was bred by The Minagerie out of Sunspot and Captain. Sunspot was bred by Harley Gecko out of Capt x Ragu. She is the aunt of Deja Vu (Inferno x Georgia)

Sunspot's parents: was bred by Harley Geckos out of Captain or Capt (in this case a female, not the same gecko as Captain from The Minagerie) and Ragu.

Pelznickel's parents: was also bred by Tara herself out of Ruddy Duck and Wallflower.

Wallflower's parents: is a kid from the famous Chowder and Shuttle, bred by Sadler Reptiles

Ruddy Duck's parents: was bred by Bad Obsession Reptiles out of Rex and Peridita.

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