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About us

We are Tamara and Paul Harkx and we live in the Netherlands.


 From an early age, Tamara has had a great love for animals and in particular for reptiles.

Paul is also a true animal lover and was introduced to the reptile world through Tamara.

We are happily married and have two beautiful children.


Soon we found out that we have a common interest in the crested geckos and we expanded this together to where we are today.


A few years ago we had the opportunity to further expand our passion and we created our own reptile room, where a wide range of reptiles live their best possible lives.

It was a small room and soon we needed more space.

So we changed rooms and gave it a serious upgrade. 

We now have a considerable collection that is always developing and improving every year.


In addition to the crested geckos, some other animals have also remained through time.

Our two snakes Gamba (ball python) and Eden (corn snake), our 2 pacman frogs (Jean Bob and Jean Baptiste) and our panther chameleon (Wilson) cannot be missed in the reptile room.


Our love for animals does not stop with keeping reptiles.

In addition to the reptiles, we have a very sweet Bernese mountain dog called;  Baas (translated: Boss).


As anyone can imagine, you have to start somewhere.

Our start was therefore learning as much as possible about the different reptiles and providing them with the right housing and care. Then it was really time to further specialize in one reptile in particular: the crested gecko (Correlophus ciliatus).


We started breeding with two breeding females and one breeding male.

We have now invested in new high end quality males and females with great structure, colours, pattern and lineage, so that we can improve every season.

Take a look at the different pages of our site and enjoy our collection.

You also can join us at Instagram and follow our adventure.

We hope we inspire you in some sort of way and give you ideas for care and housing of the animals. 


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

It is always a blessing to meet new people in the hobby.

We are already so greatful for the friendships we have been able to make.

It makes the hobby so much more fun when you can share it with friends!




High end quality

Breeding high end quality and healthy animals from different morphs.



Be an inspiration to other reptile keepers regarding the care and housing of our animals.


Enjoy & Share

Enjoy and share our passion with friends in the hobby.

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